So it begins, the Tale of X Gamers official first of the month post, for those unaware you can see the introduction here.

This month I will be painting 2 squad's of terminators, not just any terminator... DEATHWING! *insert dramatic music here*

If I have a camera working towards the end of the month I shall do a little video blog on my progress for the next Tale of X Gamers post.

My list I will be aiming for is a 1750pt list.

The Sirens of Retribution Dark Angels

Belail @ 155 PTS
Wargear: Terminator Armour, Deathwing Company Standard, Rites of Battle.
LC with Deathwing Spear.

Librarian @ 145 PTS
Wargear : Terminator Armour
To join Deathwing Shield

5 Deathwing Spear @ 215PTS
Upgrades: All Lightning Claws, Deathwing Company Standard

5 Deathwing Shield @ 240PTS
Upgrades: Cyclone ML, Chain Fist

10 3rd Company Tactical Squad @ 205PTS
Upgrades: Sarge Power Weapon, Lascannon, Flamer
Dedicated Transport: Razorback 3rd @ 50 PTS
Combat Squads with sarge and flamer, for objectives and mobility.

10 Angels of Absolution @ 195PTS
Upgrades: Sarge Power Weapon, Plasma Cannon

Fast Attack
1 Ravenwing Typhoon ""Loki"" @ 75PTS
Upgrades: Typhoon ML, MultiMelta
Harrass light troops and be a general pain.

3 Ravenwing Attack Squadron @ 135PTS
Upgrades: Flamer, Meltagun
Using Scout move to assist with possible deepstrike of terminator shield.

Heavy Support
1 Land Raider Crusader - Sirens Mane @ 250PTS

1 Whirlwind @ 85PTS

Scout ravenwing burn across the board, looking for cover and/or objectives and/or weak points. Having a melta and a flamer omits that slight fear for my opposition. The deathwing shield may deathwing assault depending on the mission type, area, situation.

I decided to add the Librarian instead of the chaplin for a few reasons:

  1. Whilst he allows re-rolls to hit, on the charge with the banner I have 5 attacks per terminator, this I feel is damaging enough without the re-rolls.
  2. The psychic hood may just help reduce fancy psychic attacks like the chaos lash!
  3. Same point cost, however the downside is one less wound and ofc, no rerolls.
  4. I really want to try hellfire, it seems such a gamble that I can see annoying some of my close friends when I pull it off! :D
  5. I've always liked the fluff! ^.^
My general tactic is LRC with LC belial and deathwing banner in the LC group, allowing an extra attack. I do wonder If I should add a TH/SS for anti tank as they are currently a little weak towards taking down armour plus the TH hits last and would allow those few hits to slam purely on the remaining few units (I do lose re-rolls to wound though.. and the dark angel TH/SS sucks compared to vanilla SM). I intend to jump them in and out of the LRC using the LRC for the mobility terminators lack.

The tactical squad in the razorback shall be combat squadded (depending on the mission type), with the lascannon in a high point for the ability to fire every turn and the flamer and the sarge in the razorback.

The AoA tactical squad will be flexible, be it defence, attack and so on.. depending on the mission type.

So yeah, thats the 1st of july - Tale of X Gamers!
Roll On!!!

I saw this and went ooooh, I saw some earlier development shots and I can say I was not really... impressed. The video seems pretty cool and the gameplay reminds me of the 3rd person shoot and slash, devil may cry, oni, bloodrayne and so on...

I dont posses or will ever posses an xbox, so I shall await its pc arrival, or... if its shockingly bad it wont plague my pc and its a win:win situation :D

Check out the vid below...

Also, I should now be using Disqus... give it a spin!

25 May 2009

Tale of X Gamers

My local club is running a Tale of X Gamers over summer, and the rules are simple:

  • Everyone paints/buys 500 points/£25 stuff a month.
  • On the 1st of every month everyone posts a photo of everything they've done that month.
  • If you play a game, the please post on how it went.

So whilst I'd love to start my Tyranids, I shall be finishing my Dark Angels in time for the Cardiff Carnage Tournament... my first tournament!

I have added a nice list of my fellow club members and gamers on the right hand side.

For you previous readers, nothing much will change, bar a post on the 1st of every month giving everyone a summary how I've done.
I shall also use the labels feature on blogger to enable the Kaotica guys to easily read my Tale of X Gamer posts.



So im going to try this list soon, I've tried a similar 1500pt list (I can put it up if requested) and I feel it can deal with the hordes a little bit better. I worry I am relying on the Land Raider Crusader LC with Chaplin and banner giving me 30 attacks on the charge, with re rolls to hit and rerolls to wound. As if the Land raider goes down I've lost that powerful bloody nose punch.

Still what do you think?

The Sirens of Retribution Dark Angels

"Belail @ 155 PTS

Wargear: Terminator Armour, Deathwing Company Standard, Rites of Battle

"Interrogator-Chaplin @ 150 PTS
Weapons: Combi-Meltagun
Wargear : Terminator Armour

"5 Deathwing Spear @ 215PTS
Upgrades: All Lightning Claws, Deathwing Company Standard

"5 Deathwing Shield @ 240PTS
Upgrades: Cyclone ML, Chain Fist

"Troop: 10 3rd Company Tactical Squad @ 200PTS
Upgrades: Sarge Power Weapon, Lascannon
Dedicated Transport: Razorback 3rd @ 50 PTS

"10 Angels of Absolution @ 195PTS
Upgrades: Sarge Power Weapon, Plasma Cannon

Fast Attack
1 Ravenwing Typhoon ""Loki"" @ 75PTS
Upgrades: Typhoon ML, MultiMelta"
3 Ravenwing Attack Squadron @ 135PTS
Upgrades: Flamer, Meltagun

Heavy Support
1 Land Raider Crusader - Sirens Mane @ 250PTS

1 Whirlwind @ 85PTS

Total: 1750

Some updated, clearer pictures:

Whoooosh goes the rockets....

Awhhh yeah, my first land raider :D

So let me know what you think...

Also on a side note, I'm thinking of videoing my desk and painting area, and setup... might help a starter and even hopefully someone will see it and recommend something even better. Plus, isnt it always nice to see someones "workshop" ^.^


23 May 2009

Magnets - Terminators


The other day I encountered a scenario where I wanted all LC termies, then later on I fancied another game with my TH/SS termies. So Should I buy extra terminators for all scenarios?
No.... If you remember my post before - Magnets!!!!

So since I save money by getting AoBR terminators then modding them into what I want, I decided to save more money by getting the few bits and magnetising arms!

I magnetised:
7 Storm Bolters
1 Flamer
5 Power Fists
2 Chain Fists
1 Power Sword
2 Sets of Lightening Claws

Suited up and feeling very positive ^.^

I've done it to enable an all standard squad, flamer, lc, all sorts.. it gives me to room to experiment with WYSIWYG!

Arrrrgh my arms!

It was easily done.
Being the AoBR termies they already had nice little holes, I just got my pinvice and drilled the holes bigger, and slotted the magnets in with a bit of super glue.
I then cut the nib off the termies torso and pin viced the torso repeating the process..

Close up of the magent.

So, I can now field a nice vast supply of terminators.. I only stopped as I ran out!


Better quality Land Raider pictures coming up!

21 May 2009

Missilely Death!


I'm currently half way through my exams. Luckily though my next one is not till next wednesday. Its almost a week! :D

So, I got back and assembled my whirlwind bit, my cyclone missile launcher, and my typhoon attachments.

I've been designing a new army list and I'm going to try a battle with the new list, I shall be putting it up afterwards. I may be going to the cardiff carnage tournament (obviously 40k) in august and I shall be moving from 1500pt games to 1750pts starting next week. I shall put up a few example builds and test them out and get feedback.

Also my camera screen has cracked and now my pictures are done blind, AND they dont focus... every shot looks awful... this picture was selected out of nearly 20.

Missile's Ahoy!

Land Raider Crusader came today and the box feels soft!
I clawed it open and looked over the instructions.... fair enough I thought, shouldnt be too hard.
I did forget to glue the lights in and had to rip it apart.

Half way there....

I've made my pieces, and alot of it is blue tac at the moe (sticky tac) so I can figure what to magnetise for easier transport.


Again apologies for the shit camera quality :D

I'll leave it be for now, but I'm trying my new army list tomorrow, which I'll post up in the future, its a big difference and to me feels more Dark Angel-y ... anyway..

Cheers for now!

16 May 2009

Fluke ...

None Gaming related post.

So I've had a wave of good luck recently.
I've been looking for accommodation and I have left it immensely late, I saw an advert and got in touch with the landlord, he invited me and my buddies to go check this place out. I kid you not, It was like a sterotypical post war, squalor, shit on the walls, filthy place. I was shocked. I had the old "It will all be cleaned and fixed!"
So, I went back and knocked and spoke to a random tenant, turns out that this landlord had promised very similar things!

She recommended a place down the road and I went on my search. I found a beautiful seafront view, nice room with a bay window, cheap and .. i say again Seafront!
So I've booked that place and I have accommodation!

Then today.. I went shopping. I popped to the farmers market and brought some eggs, and some wild boar sausages... nomnomnom. I saw a little competition and decided to give it a go. It was "spot the rogue item".
They had placed random food items, like a salad bag on a meat stall... spot the rogue item!

I found them all, and submitted my entry.....

I won the hamper!!!

Thank you Aberystwyth!

Apologies for the bad quality photo shoot, the camera is semi-broken, but this is what I got!
  1. Bag of Lettuce
  2. Free Range Eggs
  3. Mushroom Pate
  4. Mild Honey Mustard
  5. Welsh Summer Honey
  6. Lemon Marmalade
  7. Crab Apple Jelly
  8. Red Pesto
  9. Spelt + oatmeal biscuits
  10. £10 gift voucher for plants
  11. Salmon
  12. Coriander plant
  13. Dry Cured Bacon
  14. Roasted Welsh Beef
  15. Welsh Cooked Ham
  16. Goats Cheese
  17. Pork Shoulder Joint
  18. Free range pickled eggs
  19. Lamb + Cranberry Sausages
The stuff that was priced I totalled to around £30, the unpriced stuff would be bumping up to... possibly even... £50!

I'm going to be in the newspaper, so I'll look out for it, and grab a copy for on here... whilst It will only be a little text part, go me, and again if by pure random chance that someone knows them or reads them, thank you Welsh Farmers Market.

I am a very happy.
I am very fluky.
I am the Fluke Extraordinaire.
Drazilek likes this fact.

Back to the revision :D