23 May 2009

Magnets - Terminators


The other day I encountered a scenario where I wanted all LC termies, then later on I fancied another game with my TH/SS termies. So Should I buy extra terminators for all scenarios?
No.... If you remember my post before - Magnets!!!!

So since I save money by getting AoBR terminators then modding them into what I want, I decided to save more money by getting the few bits and magnetising arms!

I magnetised:
7 Storm Bolters
1 Flamer
5 Power Fists
2 Chain Fists
1 Power Sword
2 Sets of Lightening Claws

Suited up and feeling very positive ^.^

I've done it to enable an all standard squad, flamer, lc, all sorts.. it gives me to room to experiment with WYSIWYG!

Arrrrgh my arms!

It was easily done.
Being the AoBR termies they already had nice little holes, I just got my pinvice and drilled the holes bigger, and slotted the magnets in with a bit of super glue.
I then cut the nib off the termies torso and pin viced the torso repeating the process..

Close up of the magent.

So, I can now field a nice vast supply of terminators.. I only stopped as I ran out!


Better quality Land Raider pictures coming up!


King's Standard Bearer said...

but do the arms sag under the weight of the hands, or are the magnets strong enough to pose the termies anyhow u want?

Farske said...

They are powerful magnets, I can put the pose anyway I want (however the powerfist shields get in the way of some poses)

To answer your question I have edited my post with a youtube video.

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