20 April 2009

Painted force so far...

So I thought I'd update you with a group picture of my force...

Siren of Retrubution, stage 1.

So far the two tactical squads lack the heavy weapons, including Las-cannon, Plasma Cannon and Plasma gun.

1 Terminator Squad
Ravenwing Squadron
Attack Bike
Land Speeder

1 Terminator Squad - to be converted.

So as my exams approach, my revision increases and my time painting, converting and playing will decrease. I will continue to blog of course but do expect a big push in progress as we hit June.

I also have a small group of Gaunts, after my painting of Dark Angels I shall basecoat and do some experimental colour schemes for my future Hive. Any suggestions?

For today, I have been revising bar this break of blogging. I will continue to revise but this evening I shall paint something, be it a bike, terminator, or my predator tank *rubs chin*... decisions....

Cheers for now.


RonSaikowski said...

Nice job on these guys.

Barjack said...

Woot They look good

The 25mm Warrior said...

Great looking force. The uniformity of the paint jobs really makes them look fierce. Nice going!

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