21 May 2009

Missilely Death!


I'm currently half way through my exams. Luckily though my next one is not till next wednesday. Its almost a week! :D

So, I got back and assembled my whirlwind bit, my cyclone missile launcher, and my typhoon attachments.

I've been designing a new army list and I'm going to try a battle with the new list, I shall be putting it up afterwards. I may be going to the cardiff carnage tournament (obviously 40k) in august and I shall be moving from 1500pt games to 1750pts starting next week. I shall put up a few example builds and test them out and get feedback.

Also my camera screen has cracked and now my pictures are done blind, AND they dont focus... every shot looks awful... this picture was selected out of nearly 20.

Missile's Ahoy!

Land Raider Crusader came today and the box feels soft!
I clawed it open and looked over the instructions.... fair enough I thought, shouldnt be too hard.
I did forget to glue the lights in and had to rip it apart.

Half way there....

I've made my pieces, and alot of it is blue tac at the moe (sticky tac) so I can figure what to magnetise for easier transport.


Again apologies for the shit camera quality :D

I'll leave it be for now, but I'm trying my new army list tomorrow, which I'll post up in the future, its a big difference and to me feels more Dark Angel-y ... anyway..

Cheers for now!


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