As this was a tutorial game I didnt really pay attention to the game, and thus the battle report is done on purely memory. Also the camera died half way through the game, so we only have four pictures.

For this I apologise, and we can only hope my first "proper" battle report will be far more interesting.

Space Marines VS Orkz

  • Librarian
  • 3x Tactical Squad
  • 2x Land Speeders
  • Warboss
  • Nobz Squad
  • 2x Boyz
Space Marines before deployment,

Objective Game, pitched battle
The 5 objectives were each of the ruins.
I rolled higher and opted to deploy first. I then had seize the initiative rolled against me.

Turn 1
After deployments
The Orks surged forwards, war crys bellowing and guttural screams, axes high, guns blazing randomly into the sky they took cover in the ruins and whilst the smaller group of boyz clambered up the stairs the nobz big shooters let rip. A hail of slugs peppered the earth around the squad lead by the librarian. One stray shot zipped towards the librarian's squad, with a grunt his lashed out and omitted a quick repelling burst sending all the shots far and wide. In response the warboss bellowed his challenge and clunked forwards, each stride shaking the very earth around him.

End of turn 1 for orks, simple movement forwards into the objectives whilst the nobz fired at the librarians squad.

Marines moving up into cover, whilst the land speeders zip up the flank.

"For the Emperor!" The marines screamed as they clambered into the ruins taking cover from the pathetic hail of ork weaponry. Meanwhile the landspeeders skimmed the earth, grass, dirt and rocks were flicked into the air behind as they sped up the flank. With a quick command over the vox the landspeeders lined up the orkboyz and prepared to fire.
"Emperor protect me" muttered the librarian as he felt the powers of the warp tug at his mind. With a blinding flash the librarian and his squad gated across the battlefield.

Turn 2 (camera broke)
The ground charred and stained, the smoke started to clear before the ork boyz in the distance.
"Boss watz dat!?" the nearest keensighted ork asked a finger half up its nose.
"Datz da humies!" the warboss bellowed and directed the horde screaming and bellowing towards the freshly teleported librarian.
"WAAAGH!" the entire horde yelled as they seemed to cross the ground at a blistering speed.
The nobz, swivvled the heavy guns and with a wave of fresh excitement let rip at the freshly ported librarian squad, 4 space marines fell to the armour piercing bullets.

"HOLD!" Bellowed the librarian as the orks closed the ground faster than he had anticpated. He considered gating instantly back away, but the space marines around him started to open fire.
The librarian growled in dissapointment as his disorganised space marines fired and only downed 4 ork boyz.

The landspeeders hovered between some reeds and the heavy bolters opened fire as a hail of inaccurate fire bounced off the armour. Casings spun through the air, sweat trickled down his face as the heavy bolter unleashed death upon the ork horde. His landspeeder suddenly rocked from a shockwave, leaving his bullets to stray to the side. With a glance over his shoulder he saw his wingman's landspeeder spiral into the ground with a deathly thud.

Turn 3/4 (stopped recording information)
The Librarian realised his error as the warboss slammed into the nearest space marine, his shattered armour mimicking his shattered body as it fell limp to the ground. He ducked under a heavy swing and slashed his heavy sword against the warboss back. It barely even slowed the warboss as in response he swung around in a huge arc, two more marines went sprawling, the vox chatter stopping abruptly. The Librarian felt the warp tug at his mind a little too late. The power claw smashed straight through the librarians power armour, ending his life almost as fast as his soul fell to the warp...

"For the Emperor!!!" They screamed in unison as bolter fire peppered the ork horde. The marines who had clambered into the ruins had eventually opened fire killing 4 orks following the warboss.

With the librarian dead, and the orks swarming the field, the rhinos burst into the scene. The squads piling in with oaths of revenge, they withdrew for an orbital bombardment.

I decided, rather than write. "He did, this and he did that" I tried to turn it into a more realistic narrative. Its certainly what I imagine as I play...
I started with a basic twist on turns, but it soon turned into a story.
In hindsight I messed about with my squads climbing into ruins and negating the power of the bolters. I failed to use my landspeeders correctly which resulted in them being destroyed and shaken constantly and I didnt use my librarians power correctly.
I've learnt against orks. Fire, fire, fire and keep your distance.

I hope you enjoyed. I will record my future battle with a more accurate approach next time.


Drazhammer said...

I liked the battle report story, especially with a few comical references in there. Although, I am not sure I could read every battle report like that, but then you know I have to be in the mood for story type stuff.

Should have had some pine cones ready as grenades... :-p


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