So I wanted have some assualt terminators.. but I wanted to save money... I was going to convert my lil terminator's from standard AoBR Power fist and Storm bolter to.....

AoBR Termies


So I decided I'd first do a pair of chainfists, this was easily done in two very quick steps.
  • I cut the chainsword handle off, then the actual chainsword into two pieces using my craft knife.
  • I then attached the chainsword segments to the bottom of my fists, just against the power supply where it joined the power fist, I used simple plastic glue for this part.

"For the Lion!!"
Bam, chainfists within seconds :D
easy, simple and fast!

Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield.

I then decided to get a little bit more adventurous.
I got some plastic tubing and plastic card.
I used again my plastic glue, craft knife, file and for the plastic tubing a pair of clippers I use for removing my models from the sprue.

  • On the plasticard I drew out a storm shield using the space marines codex book as a rough guide in size.
  • I then cut along the card carefully with my craft knife. The card was a little thick so I cut heavily a square around the actual shield then did the detail afterwards. I was unable to cut straight through so I would cut a groove then carefully "snap" it off.
  • I then attached a little bit of space marine icongraphy, in particular my dark angel symbol and some incense using a bit of glue.
  • I then filed the power fist to be a bit flatter.
  • I then carefully glued the plasticard stormshield to his arm.

  • I carefully cut away the storm bolter (so I was able to use it in the future), and filed a opening in his hand for him to hold the plastic tubing.
  • I took a length of tubing and clipped it using the clippers then filed the ends to even the surface.
  • I then stuck a melta grenade at the bottom of the rob to give it a pommel, just for looks ;)
  • I then cut two Ork Nobz chain axe's and filed them down, I then stuck the pair back to back to be the "hammer".
  • I added a bit of dark angels icongraphy and bam, I have a thunder hammer.
  • I then got some greenstuff and gently rolled a cable, randomly attached it to the hammer and to an arm joint.
Slapped it all together and dada!

Cheap AoBR Conversion, TH/SS termie.

I did this for a couple of termies, and bam, Assault TH/SS termies for the price of plasticard, tubing and AoBR termies.

What termies did you convert?

Roll on Belial...


Mike Howell said...

That's a really original thunder hammer conversion. Thanks for sharing!

CrusherJoe said...

Oh I went totally nuts and used the SS/TH "conversion kit" for normal marines...and then cut, file greenstuff and glue with AoBR termies until they were all TH/SS ones. I may need to do an entire post about them, as they were quite the chore to get some of them right...

Jolly good work on yours, though, they look fantastic!

The Inner Geek said...

Those are some nice conversions!

Farske said...

Thanks a lot guys, i really appreciate your comments :D

What to convert next...

eriochrome said...

You might look into a smaller brass rod through the hand by drilling it through. I saw an article in WD for doing that for pikeman and it looked pretty good.

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