25 May 2009

1750pt Dark Angels


So im going to try this list soon, I've tried a similar 1500pt list (I can put it up if requested) and I feel it can deal with the hordes a little bit better. I worry I am relying on the Land Raider Crusader LC with Chaplin and banner giving me 30 attacks on the charge, with re rolls to hit and rerolls to wound. As if the Land raider goes down I've lost that powerful bloody nose punch.

Still what do you think?

The Sirens of Retribution Dark Angels

"Belail @ 155 PTS

Wargear: Terminator Armour, Deathwing Company Standard, Rites of Battle

"Interrogator-Chaplin @ 150 PTS
Weapons: Combi-Meltagun
Wargear : Terminator Armour

"5 Deathwing Spear @ 215PTS
Upgrades: All Lightning Claws, Deathwing Company Standard

"5 Deathwing Shield @ 240PTS
Upgrades: Cyclone ML, Chain Fist

"Troop: 10 3rd Company Tactical Squad @ 200PTS
Upgrades: Sarge Power Weapon, Lascannon
Dedicated Transport: Razorback 3rd @ 50 PTS

"10 Angels of Absolution @ 195PTS
Upgrades: Sarge Power Weapon, Plasma Cannon

Fast Attack
1 Ravenwing Typhoon ""Loki"" @ 75PTS
Upgrades: Typhoon ML, MultiMelta"
3 Ravenwing Attack Squadron @ 135PTS
Upgrades: Flamer, Meltagun

Heavy Support
1 Land Raider Crusader - Sirens Mane @ 250PTS

1 Whirlwind @ 85PTS

Total: 1750

Some updated, clearer pictures:

Whoooosh goes the rockets....

Awhhh yeah, my first land raider :D

So let me know what you think...

Also on a side note, I'm thinking of videoing my desk and painting area, and setup... might help a starter and even hopefully someone will see it and recommend something even better. Plus, isnt it always nice to see someones "workshop" ^.^



sovietspace said...

On the whole mate, I like it. Its very similar to my lists, and its a combo that works well :)

My only concern is that Termi Chaplain. Even at 1750, I find him to be a bit of a points sink. Belial's squad should be more than capable of killing/decimating most squads on the charge, even without the Chaplain. 150pts is a lot to spend to make an already awesome unit slightly more awesome.

With those 150pts spare, you could beef up you Revenwing bikers to 6 (if you can find 10 more points you could get an attack bike as well). It would also mean you have less points tied up in the Crusader, should it go wrong.

Hope that helps mate!

Farske said...

Sovietspace, thanks for the reply. ^.^

I see your wisdom what with the crusader combo being very pointy....

I'm not sure on the bikers, I tend not to like bikers as they just get blatted so quickly. So those bikers were really just for the homing beacon. I'd be more inclined to have a termi librarian to attempt to halt the Lash sorcs.

I must admit the desire to have a Chaplain was the model and fluff, but It was nice to have 30 hits with re-rolls to hit and wounds.. oooh.. I was average hitting with 20 attacks.

I could use the 150pts to add an attack bike and another razorback.

Thanks ever so much for your advice.

Draz said...

It's a nice list, a very nice list.. howver I have one flaw in the list, and that is you haven't taken into consideration the might if the Flesh Tearers. Against an inferior foe you may have a chance, you may even win, but you're a mere speck in the galactical landscape when compared to the might of Seth and his brethren.

You can lye down and die, or try and fight, either way your fate has already been decided. Death cometh!


scdarkangel said...

move the sponsons on the Land Raider Crusader to the forward door position it gives you a bit more range.


Farske said...

John, such a simple but not thought of idea.


Mik said...

I love 'workshop' pics, so get crackin'!

Your list looks sound, I like the LRC in there too.

Farske said...


Yeah, thanks. After my exams I shall do a "workshop" tour. Its nothing special and rather cramped, due to the place i live is literally a box. Better yet, if we wait 2 weeks, I shall be living in a new place and I will do two videos and publish them at the same time. Heh.


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