Hiya, so its been a while as recently I've been knuckling down with my revision for my upcoming exams. It sucks but I thought I'd update you guys about my Tyranids *cheers* and my few games I managed.

The Games.
In between revision I have managed to fit a few games in, three games in which I lost two. I feel my army list is very good versus meq (marine equivalent) but not horde armies. My list, found here is 1750pt, I however played three 1500pt games and I removed the land raider from the last to make it 1500pts.

I fought the Grey Knights in an objective game and let my combat squadded dark angels sit on objectives whilst my terminators went in for contesting with my bikes flanking up the edge. On turn five I flew over my land speeder and contested winning me the game with 2 objectives owned, 1 contested and 1 to the enemy.

I fought two games against an ork horde, and my ass was handed to me.. twice. I just couldnt seem to stop them, it felt like I lacked firepower. He fielded Ghazghkull(sp?) with nobz and 2 groups of 30 odd boyz, 6 killerkans a battlewagon and 3 copters. I will do a better report when Ih ave time, but.... any advice? please?

So I now posses a nice group of termagaunts, some genestealers, spore mines and a couple of terrain pieces I plan to turn to objectives. Whilst I got the unpainted grey ones from Drazilek I managed to get the rest for a fiver from a local club member, Nice!

My slowly growing horde.

Whilst I dont plan to do anything with these guys until after my exams (June! BOOOO) I am proud to have them sitting about my lot. I also recieved my metal lictor in the post the other day. I love it.

I cant wait to get painting and show you all my colour schemes I have in mind. I have 3 and I need help deciding! :P

Well thats it for now, I am still about, just buried in books... not codex.. science books *sobs*...


sovietspace said...

Nice to see things are still progressing mate!

I know what you mean about difficulty with hordes. My DA list, which is fairy similar, also struggles with Orks etc. I find you really have to use what mobility you have to take on one chunk of the enemy at a time.

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