Today I finished my dreadnought.

After much faffing about cutting him, turning him, adding a new custom sarcophagus and lil icon. I am really really happy with his outcome.

He may not be the best painted sex machine on the planet, and his CCW may have a crappy claw that has a bad joint, bit of greenstuff in the future will sort that. ^.^

Finished Brother Banneth (bar iconography)

I am here to destroy you!

My next challenge will be touching up a few details, learning better techniques and adding his name on his banner!

What do you think?


eriochrome said...

Get rid of any black on the base or base edges and drill out the storm bolter and you are good to go.

Farske said...

Ah i knew I'd forgotten to drill something out!
As you can see I did my melta badly.

What do you recommend for the base edges, a tan paint job, or base it with flock?

AoM said...

black base edges are the way to go. the base is on top. the edges are exactly that: edges. they separate where the model's miniature world ends, and the table/outside world/display case begins.

He's a bit dark overall, but it could be the lighting for the photos. a few highlights on those wonderfully sharp edges that dreads have would go a long way there.

mik said...

Nice touch using the DA backpack icon for the sarcophagus.

Draz said...

I think he looks awesome to be fair for a first walker in all honesty, and although it's a smaller part of the model, the purity seal looks win. I like the pose too. I can imagine him leaning over to smack a pansy eldar is the mout. WooT. Dreadnought back hander.


Farske said...

Cheers guys.

I like the dark feel of the paint job, as I feel the dark angels should almost be grimy, gritty and black. Still, Ill re-look into doing some brighter edges.

Yeah the DA Icon was a simple easy method of adding a better sarcophagus :D

The pose was done by sawing him in half, cutting a slant and greenstuffing him back together.

Thanks again :D

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