19 March 2009

Magnets and updates


So my gf sneakily ordered some magnets for me and they arrived this morning. I've had a simple childlike play with them and they are powerful!
I got them from guysmagnets.com and they got here the day after order, and kept her updated. Very chuffed.

Picture from www.guysmagnet.com

So my plans for my two sets of magnets are to magnetise:
  • My tank so I can change it from predator to rhino and have it as a sturdy model on the table.
  • My Landspeeders so they can be removed from the flying bases.
  • My Dreadnought arms.
  • My HQ terminator weapons.
My sibling, Berkana, has offered me a camera to borrow. So next week, commencing Monday blogs with pictures will be forthcoming with consistancy. I have a lot to update on. On that note I shall not magnetize my tank yet, so I can record and share those steps with you.
Thanks Berkana!

Upcoming projects I plan to do, bar the magnetising are:
  • Belial, a terminator modification.
  • AoBR Dreadnought MM arm to various weapons.
  • AoBR Dreadnought to look more... dark angel.
  • Powerplant Terrain.
  • A diorama of some kind, which will be my objective markers. (did I use that grammer correctly?).
  • Plasticard drop-pod.

So yeah, updates soon.
Thanks to everyone so far following my adventure into the warhammer world. I feel I will be here a long time.



sovietspace said...

Good luck with it mate, looking forward to pictures!

Chris said...

Thanks for the tip on guys magnets, I've just ordered some from them for my first attempt at magnetizing.

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