26 March 2009

Attack Bike

I got a gift from Drazilek at the Sons of Seth today.

An attack bike!

Cheers Drazilek.

I eagerly unwrapped it and got my sprues.

Fairly simple, bike on one and side car and extras on the other.
I whipped the bike together then whacked on my biker.

I then glued the arms and whilst they were drying I pushed his hands onto the handlebars to ensure I dont get a repeat of what I call "ghost riding"....

I slapped together my sidecar but stopped before I put the biker on, I glued it to the main bike and I've paused at this stage.

Brum brum, zoom ZOOM!

Ive paused to made it easier for myself to paint him. I think when I paint the bike, Ill paint my other attack bikes, repair them and aim to finish an entire Ravenwing Squadron at once.

I like bikes....


Drazhammer said...

It looks amazingly good, I can't wait untill I have my 2 3x Bike squads of these in my Flesh Tearers army. :-D

Watch out tanks.


Toeol said...

Whilst it does indeed look awesome, I would have suggested painting the bike and the rider in seperate pieces, makes for a much cleaner and easier job :)

jabberjabber said...

It's looking good - and a great idea to pause to make the painting easier.

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