Dark Angels Vs Salamanders - 1500pt Game.
Four Objectives.

I decided to write this battle report, as yet again another story. Mainly because I forgot to take my camera, and secondly as I will be writing it from memory.

The data slate landed heavily on the illuminated map.
"We have spotted the salamanders encroaching on our position" said the voice in a hoarse whisper.
Captain Fenreth Skarl, nicknamed Klaxxon looked up at the voice as he shifted easily in his terminator armour, his massive bulk hidden under his drab robes. As a member of the deathwing he was privy to the secrets within the chapter. He had trained along side belail in the tower of angels and adopted strikingly similar tactics, to great success.
He looked around the dark command centre, lights blinked on control panels flanking the walls, but still even those seemed to lack a brightness, as if the secretive nature of the command centre leeched up the light.
"We have identified two positions they already hold" continued the voice, "Two positions, that we will need to take"
Captain Klaxxon didnt miss the warning, he stared into the cowl. A fellow deathwing sent from the tower of angels, Klaxxon was under no illusion that he had not even scraped the surface of the Dark Angel secrets, yet the veiled threat still angered him.
"I trust you are not doubting my abilities" replied Klaxxon, his voice loud and as if it was a permanent vox broadcast on the highest setting, one main reason for his nickname.
In response the cowled figure pointed at the illuminated map on the table below.
"We ask you to keep a keen eye on the enemy, as we have had rumours of possible fallen." finished the voice.
Klaxxon nodded once, slapped his fist against his breast in salute and left the dark command room.
* * *
Tactical squads stood to attention, Klaxxon strode along the lines inspecting and adjusting weapons, not because anything was wrong, but he felt it was a ritual worth taking. The marines themselves felt as if Klaxxons magic touch was blessing. He turned to face the lines, his scrutinising view sweeping past the servitors tending to "Aura" the predator tank, past the group of terminators adjusting the massive armour, over his tactical marines and landing on a squadron of ravenwing bikes that revved and hummed in the corner of the massive hanger.
He strolled over stopped before them, he clasped the sergeants forearm in a warriors handshake. He nodded once, no words exchanged the message was clear... "For the Lion"

Finally he turned and addressed the entire force.
"We are the Emperor's wrath! Let the blood of the unclean act as an offering to the Lion's shade!" he bellowed, the mimicked his proud statement.
With a nod, Captain Klaxxon voxxed to begin the delpoyment against the Salamanders.
* * *
Aura rumbled and bounced.
"Fire Test!" a servitor bellowed, its crew inside adjusted its autocannon as it fired a test burst into a hillock. The lascannons fired white clean searing beams, the scorched ground left as as testament to its power.

The tactical marines stretched out in arrow head formations flanked the Aura, the vox chatter was deathly quiet. They all felt it, they knew the enemy were just over the hillock.
"Tactical Squads to the ruins" Klaxxon's voice came over the vox. Whilst Klaxxon stood in the command centre, his troops on the ground had full trust, and faith in his dedication, skill and ability. The two tactical squads veered to the ruins, one squad for one ruin.

Sergeant Varl gripped his power choppa, a brutish sword adopted from the ork campaign in a weird sign of respect. It crackled with energy as if it hungered for blood. The orders were clear, defend the ruin to the south east, and take the hillock to the north, the ruins to the north west and the ruins to the north east. It was if someone had drawn a triangle upon the battlefield for the key points. Varl motioned to his flamer, as they approached the ruins, his flamer belched hot liquid over the walls as they clambered inside. A precautionary measure, Varl thought, but one worth taking.

Brother Benneth, towered behind the squad, his vox chatter metallic as the motors whirred to mimic a voicebox. The towering dreadnought stomped behind, a reassuring presence supporting Varl and his men.

Hunkering down inside the ruins, his squad adjusted weapons, aimed down the sights and started to bark out in unison.
"Enemy Sighted"
* * *
Klaxxon stared down at the maps, he saw his forces had engaged, surveying the battlefield he issued orders to the ravenwing and hurried to the lift. The enemy were doing a very solid push down the east flank. His bold and forceful deepstrike would strike terror, confuse and hopefully bloody the nose of the enemy.
* * *
Bullets pentrated the old ruins and exploded inside sending shards of masonry through the air. Varl peeked over a lip of the wall. A Land raider rumbled towards them, with a razorback at its flank, a rocket screamed through the air, it smashed hard into the land raider, bounced off and exploded impressivly on the ground before it. He cursed, they didnt warn him about land raiders. He glanced below at Brother Banneth, and made his decision... if anything it would buy them time.
"Brother Banneth, advance on the land raider" he issued.
Varl watched a land speeder skim past the ruins and behind the trees on the far east flank. Its multimelta unleashing a short volly upon some entrenched troops. Brother Banneth stomped from behind the ruins and marched confidently into view, his melta sent searing hot rounds at the land raider.
"For the Lion!" the dreadnoughts metallic vox chattered back.
* * *
The ravenwing squadron boosted up the west flank, heavy fire collieded with the bikes, salamanders decked out in impressive weapons, weapons and pips that described them as veterans, the fight was short, too short. The bikes hit a hail of bullets, metal screamed as the bikes disintigrated at speed and exploded in an impressive fury of death. The sarge managed to vox over before his bike was cleaved in halve by the librarian in terminator armour.
* * *
Varl heard the warning, and motioned to the second tactical squad to take shelter behind Aura and watch the flank, meanwhile they felt the static in the air as deepstriking units hammered behind the enemy lines.
"Klaxxon, let the Lion be with you" whispered Varl.
* * *
The salamander knelt behind the wall and laughed as his bolter rounds screamed through the air towards the entrenched dark angels. He turned to gloat to his brother
He managed as hot searing death belched over his brothers, a ironic death he managed to consider as the flames seeped into his power armour and threw his thoughts into panic.
* * *
Varl watched Brother Banneth lose his legs in a valiant attempt. The land raider swivelled and unleashed a short volly into the land speeder, its weapon blowing off in an impressive explosion of sparks and flames. Varl's men unleashed volly after volly of bolter rounds, his men dreading the slow approach of the land raider.
Suddenly the land raider slowed to a halt and sped towards its own lines.
Klaxxon, thought Varl as a massive grin appeared on his face.
* * *
"FOR THE LION!" Klaxxon bellowed as the salamanders rallied.
The land raider skidded to a halt before them and an entire tactical squad piled out guns blazing. Two other tactical squads unleashed a fury of bolter rounds and meltas into the terminators from the ruins. The terminators still crackling with deep strike energy simply prayed for the lions luck. As the energy calmed, power started returning to the suits. Klaxxon glanced at his squad and watched as one suit crumpled to the ground.
"CHARGE!" he bellowed as his squad smashed into the tactical marines.
Lightening claws cleaved through foes, power fists pummeled salamanders and a deafening crack popped open tactical marines. The charge was devastating, it was over in seconds the entire squad was crushed. Klaxxon stood amidst broken bodies, blood streaked his armour, his deathly gaze turned to the ruins...
* * *
Brother Loki bellowed in rage as his gunners melta blew off the landspeeder mounts. His robotic eye surveyed the damage in and instant.
"We ram with finality" Loki stated, he was not going to let a simple lack of weapons stop his assault.
The land speeder skidded in a circle and turbo boosted over the rubble below. Loki tugged hard at its controls, his motor received a stray bolter round. The speeder screamed towards the razorback tank, he tugged harder yelling with the effort as the boosters veered him the wrong direction.
"FOR THE LION!" his gunner yelled as sparks from the broken gun mount spat at his face.
The land speeder slammed onto the roof of the razorback, metal screamed, the land speeders display flickered and died abruptly. The speeder slammed into the lascannons on top ripping the weapons clear. Loki grinned, a weapon disarmed at least he thought as the land speeder bounced into the ground. He started to sit back, waiting for the dark welcoming finality of death...

...but it never came.
The land speeder flicked to life and screamed through the air.
"LION!!!!!" Loki screamed, his gunner laughed.
They'd flown over half the enemy forces, smashed off a razorbacks weapons, and veered away.
He truely was a member of the ravenwing.
Loki grinned and sped to safety.
* * *
Varl felt the power of the warp tug at his mind, its dark tendrils reaching inside his skull. He flinched and turned away from the battle before him. He watched as a ball of electricity burst into life behind his lines. He bellowed to the squad defending the flanks and in response they unleashed a horde of bolter rounds. The electricity calmed and revealed the librarian and sternguard veterans. Melta rounds slammed into the predator Aura, the entire tank exploding into a wreck within seconds. Flames whipped across the support troops and the veterans charged Varl's squad.

He met the charge head on, aiming for the librarian. His power choppa screamed through the air, it dug deep and threw the librarian back. His squad started falling around him as the veterans made short work of his troops. The support squad charged in from behind, the two remaining surviors, the sargeant wielding his power choppa was one of them. Two power choppas slammed into the veterans. It was a fast and furious battle, Varl knew he had won.

The librarian snarled at him, gave him a quick sucker punch and teleported from battle.
* * *
Klaxxon swung his heavy lightening claws through the last enemy and laughed aloud. In the battle he had fallen to the rage of the lion and torn through all 3 squads. He stood alone in the ruins.
"Objective captured" he murmed over the vox.
"Objective held" Varl replied.
Klaxxon nodded and voxxed his command ship, time for his last surprise.
* * *
The air filled with static as the deepstriking terminators landed admist the smoke at the north hillock, the autocannon whirred into life punching heavy rounds into the scenery around them. The air around them crackled with electricty as the librarian appeared before them, the autocannon didnt even stop, it sweeped over punching heavy gaping holes through the librarian.

They turned and with a bellow of rage charged the land raider, the chain fists whirred as they tore the tank in two. They stopped when it was a heap of scrap metal and blood.
"Obective captured" they stated.

So that was my battle.. Take these as a stretch on imagination, for example my land speeder turbo boosted, couldnt fire and but i wrote... "Its multimelta unleashing a short volly upon some entrenched troops" Obviously, creative writing :P

The basic game was 4o objectives, I won by pure ownage belail/klaxxon as he owned up 3 squads taking the objective. I luckily won against the sternguard and kept my place, then i striked in my termies taking the 3rd place. I didnt think I should stretch my resources to the 4th objective.

I hope you enjoy it as much as i wrote it, I felt rushed today as I am going home and I have a shed load of things to do, and would of forgotten the battle if I had waited 4 days.
Next time it will be better ;)


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