So I have a little time today, so a brief update.


Predator "Aura" - Autocannon and Lascannons.

So I glued the majority of the tank together, I however put magnets in the side hatches, to allow a rhino/predator conversion within seconds.

I have future plans to magnetise the lascannons construction to allow me to adjust it from heavy bolters to lascannons quickly. However, thats for next time ;)


Replaced top and you can see the magnet placements.

Hmmm, thats one tasty rhino:


I also took my landspeeder and decided to give it real adaptability, I remade the gunners weapon placement and added a magnet.

I then drilled a hole in the weapons and placed a magnets inside each one.

Magnetised Melta

Magnetised Bolter
Close up on magnet and you can see I drilled a hole to make
the attachment look natural, and the magnets hidden.

As you can see, effective, simple and very easy.
So what shall I use today... HB or Melta? :D


sovietspace said...

The whole HB/Melta magnet job is one I really wish I'd done. Good job on having the foresight!

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