I've created a generic Space Marine army list and it consists of all the units I own. Its not ideally what I want, but its what I have. I've been pondering if I should use the space marine codex or the dark angels codex.

Terminators, dreadnought and landspeeders WIP (obviously).


Librarian Epistolary Gate of Infinity Avenger 150
Captain Power Sword Artificer Armour Melta Bombs 135


DA Squad 1, 10 Members Flamer Missile Launcher Sarge Melta 175
DA Squad 2, 10 Members Flamer Missile Launcher Sarge Melta 175
Angels of Absolution 1, 10 Members Sarge Melta 175


Dreadnought, 1 Drop Pod 140
Terminator Squad, 5 Deep Strike 200

Fast Attack

Land Speeder 1, 1 Multi-Melta Deep Strike 60
Land Speeder 2, 1 Heavy Bolter Deep Strike 50
Bike Squad, 3 Sarge Power Weapon Flamer 110

Heavy Support

Predator, 1 Twin Linked Lascannon Side Spon Heavy Bolters 130

Points Summary:

HQ: 285
Troops: 525
Elites: 340
Fast Attack: 220
Heavy Support: 130
Total: 1500


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