16 May 2009

Fluke ...

None Gaming related post.

So I've had a wave of good luck recently.
I've been looking for accommodation and I have left it immensely late, I saw an advert and got in touch with the landlord, he invited me and my buddies to go check this place out. I kid you not, It was like a sterotypical post war, squalor, shit on the walls, filthy place. I was shocked. I had the old "It will all be cleaned and fixed!"
So, I went back and knocked and spoke to a random tenant, turns out that this landlord had promised very similar things!

She recommended a place down the road and I went on my search. I found a beautiful seafront view, nice room with a bay window, cheap and .. i say again Seafront!
So I've booked that place and I have accommodation!

Then today.. I went shopping. I popped to the farmers market and brought some eggs, and some wild boar sausages... nomnomnom. I saw a little competition and decided to give it a go. It was "spot the rogue item".
They had placed random food items, like a salad bag on a meat stall... spot the rogue item!

I found them all, and submitted my entry.....

I won the hamper!!!

Thank you Aberystwyth!

Apologies for the bad quality photo shoot, the camera is semi-broken, but this is what I got!
  1. Bag of Lettuce
  2. Free Range Eggs
  3. Mushroom Pate
  4. Mild Honey Mustard
  5. Welsh Summer Honey
  6. Lemon Marmalade
  7. Crab Apple Jelly
  8. Red Pesto
  9. Spelt + oatmeal biscuits
  10. £10 gift voucher for plants
  11. Salmon
  12. Coriander plant
  13. Dry Cured Bacon
  14. Roasted Welsh Beef
  15. Welsh Cooked Ham
  16. Goats Cheese
  17. Pork Shoulder Joint
  18. Free range pickled eggs
  19. Lamb + Cranberry Sausages
The stuff that was priced I totalled to around £30, the unpriced stuff would be bumping up to... possibly even... £50!

I'm going to be in the newspaper, so I'll look out for it, and grab a copy for on here... whilst It will only be a little text part, go me, and again if by pure random chance that someone knows them or reads them, thank you Welsh Farmers Market.

I am a very happy.
I am very fluky.
I am the Fluke Extraordinaire.
Drazilek likes this fact.

Back to the revision :D


Admiral Drax said...

Well done you!

And don't revise too hard, eh?!

Kevin said...

Congrats man! Wish I could win food :D

bG said...

Awesome work!

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