My 1750pt list, All I have to do to reduce to 1500pt is remove the land raider ^.^

The Siren of Retribution Dark Angels -SM

Belial/Klaxxon Master Crafted PW, Storm Bolter, Fearless, Rites of Battle, LD10, Scoring Terminators

Dark Angel Tactical Squad
10 Marines, Plasma Gun, Plasma Cannon, Vet Sarge, Chainsword, Frag and Krak
Angels of Absolution Tactical Squad
10 Marines, Flamer, Lascannon, Vet Sarge, PW Frag and Krak, Combat Squads
Terminator - Spear
CF/Storm Bolter, TH/SS, TH/SS, LC/LC, (Sarge) LC/LC, Fearless
Terminator - Support
PF/Assault Cannon, CF/Storm Bolter, PS/Storm Bolter (Sarge), PF/Storm Bolter, PF/Storm Bolter, Fearless

Dreadnought "Brother Banneth"
Multi Melta, CC and Stormbolter, Smoke Launcher, Search Light

Fast Attack
RW Squadron
1 Sarge, 2 Bikers Twin-linked bolters, Flamer Flamer, Attack Bike with Multi-Melta, Teleport Homers
RW Speeder - "Brother Loki"
HB or MM

Heavy Support
Predator Destructor - Shroud of Secrecy
Autocannon, Side Lascannons, Smoke Launchers, Searchlight
Land Raider Crusader - Spear of Retribution
Twin-linked Assault Cannon, Multi-melta, 2x Hurricane Bolters, Frag Assault Launchers, Smoke Launchers, Searchlight, 16 model capacity, Power of the Machine Spirit, Assault Vehicle

Points Summary:
HQ: 130
Troops: 870
Elites: 125
Fast Attack: 245
Heavy Support: 380
Total: 1750


eriochrome said...

Looks like a nice little lists.

Maybe try to find 5 points for a Heavy flamer for the spear termis instead of 1 stormbolter.

Farske said...

Cheers for the input mate.

I might shift one of the flamers on my bikes to a termie... just need to get the flamer.
Case of WYSIWYG atm.

Cheers :D

Anonymous said...

Great list, let us now how they fair but so far a very solid force mate!

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