I realised last night I only had one landspeeder assembled, so I found out my sprues and sighed, but thought why not show the process.

Land Speeder Sprue

As we can see it looks a fairly simple but alas it is not.
When gluing you have to sit and hold it tightly, but I figure another way.
Whilst I held my last one I leaned it against the table, hard, then I held it in my armpit.. which failed miserably. I finally settled on elas
tic bands.

Once the landspeeder is together and gluing elastic bands really work wonders.

First I played around with the main bulky parts and quickly remember how to construct the inside and base.

Landspeeder with floor plating and bulkhead to the lowerhull.

I then glued the base plate to the base of the speeder, and held it tightly to ensure it was a snug fit. For some reason the landspeeder just wants to come apart naturally.

Gluing floor plating to lower hull

Fairly easy huh, but I soon realised if I glued all this together I would get a repeat of my last landspeeder. massive spaces of unpainted grey inside. This time I'm prepared so I did a dry brushing technique on my cockpit and legs.

Dry brushing is where you get a fairly large brush, dip it in the paint but then remove a large amount of it so its almost a dry brush, hence... dry brushing.

I used this method to give my inside very basic look without hardly any effort. I will continue to dry brush my entire model before gluing anything else. As I am doing ravenwing my model will be black anyway.

Driver unglued in landspeeder with dashboard to adjust arms to correct position.

I then clipped my little guy (forgot to clean him up) and glued him together. I thought it was noteworthy that its advisable to paint the guys completely before you put them in the landspeeder. So As I dont want to then wreck him by accident I will be painting the entire model in steps before gluing.

After base coating

I plan to next paint the rest of the parts, add detail and glue it together then touch it up.

For now.


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