25 May 2009

Tale of X Gamers

My local club is running a Tale of X Gamers over summer, and the rules are simple:

  • Everyone paints/buys 500 points/£25 stuff a month.
  • On the 1st of every month everyone posts a photo of everything they've done that month.
  • If you play a game, the please post on how it went.

So whilst I'd love to start my Tyranids, I shall be finishing my Dark Angels in time for the Cardiff Carnage Tournament... my first tournament!

I have added a nice list of my fellow club members and gamers on the right hand side.

For you previous readers, nothing much will change, bar a post on the 1st of every month giving everyone a summary how I've done.
I shall also use the labels feature on blogger to enable the Kaotica guys to easily read my Tale of X Gamer posts.



Mik said...

Looking forward to it, good luck on the progress!

Barjack said...

I think I might follow along with this. But I will have to be careful, 500 pts of orks is a big buy.

Farske said...

Barjack, we have those 500pts/£25 a month for those reasons. To choose one or the other, horde armies then wont have to shell out looootttsss of money for the month, welcome aboard!

If you use the label system I can add you to the Tale of X Gamers on my bar on the side. If you see my blog I've labled my Tale of X gamer posts as "Tale of X Gamers" thus enabling people to quickly separate my blog and the challenge.

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