So it begins, the Tale of X Gamers official first of the month post, for those unaware you can see the introduction here.

This month I will be painting 2 squad's of terminators, not just any terminator... DEATHWING! *insert dramatic music here*

If I have a camera working towards the end of the month I shall do a little video blog on my progress for the next Tale of X Gamers post.

My list I will be aiming for is a 1750pt list.

The Sirens of Retribution Dark Angels

Belail @ 155 PTS
Wargear: Terminator Armour, Deathwing Company Standard, Rites of Battle.
LC with Deathwing Spear.

Librarian @ 145 PTS
Wargear : Terminator Armour
To join Deathwing Shield

5 Deathwing Spear @ 215PTS
Upgrades: All Lightning Claws, Deathwing Company Standard

5 Deathwing Shield @ 240PTS
Upgrades: Cyclone ML, Chain Fist

10 3rd Company Tactical Squad @ 205PTS
Upgrades: Sarge Power Weapon, Lascannon, Flamer
Dedicated Transport: Razorback 3rd @ 50 PTS
Combat Squads with sarge and flamer, for objectives and mobility.

10 Angels of Absolution @ 195PTS
Upgrades: Sarge Power Weapon, Plasma Cannon

Fast Attack
1 Ravenwing Typhoon ""Loki"" @ 75PTS
Upgrades: Typhoon ML, MultiMelta
Harrass light troops and be a general pain.

3 Ravenwing Attack Squadron @ 135PTS
Upgrades: Flamer, Meltagun
Using Scout move to assist with possible deepstrike of terminator shield.

Heavy Support
1 Land Raider Crusader - Sirens Mane @ 250PTS

1 Whirlwind @ 85PTS

Scout ravenwing burn across the board, looking for cover and/or objectives and/or weak points. Having a melta and a flamer omits that slight fear for my opposition. The deathwing shield may deathwing assault depending on the mission type, area, situation.

I decided to add the Librarian instead of the chaplin for a few reasons:

  1. Whilst he allows re-rolls to hit, on the charge with the banner I have 5 attacks per terminator, this I feel is damaging enough without the re-rolls.
  2. The psychic hood may just help reduce fancy psychic attacks like the chaos lash!
  3. Same point cost, however the downside is one less wound and ofc, no rerolls.
  4. I really want to try hellfire, it seems such a gamble that I can see annoying some of my close friends when I pull it off! :D
  5. I've always liked the fluff! ^.^
My general tactic is LRC with LC belial and deathwing banner in the LC group, allowing an extra attack. I do wonder If I should add a TH/SS for anti tank as they are currently a little weak towards taking down armour plus the TH hits last and would allow those few hits to slam purely on the remaining few units (I do lose re-rolls to wound though.. and the dark angel TH/SS sucks compared to vanilla SM). I intend to jump them in and out of the LRC using the LRC for the mobility terminators lack.

The tactical squad in the razorback shall be combat squadded (depending on the mission type), with the lascannon in a high point for the ability to fire every turn and the flamer and the sarge in the razorback.

The AoA tactical squad will be flexible, be it defence, attack and so on.. depending on the mission type.

So yeah, thats the 1st of july - Tale of X Gamers!
Roll On!!!

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