Today I finished up the conversion process of my AoBR terminators.

I now have, 2 TH/SS (custom built), 2 LC (ordered from bits&kits), 1 chainfist (so so easily done) and my HQ Belial or aka Klaxxon.

We will destroy you with our gleaming primer aroma! SNIFF!

With Klaxxon, I decided to use a normal aobr terminator, I cut his waist (a practice I did on a few random squad members to adjust the poses) then turned him, oh so slightly.
I got the feathered helm from bits and kits and simply stuck it on the side.
I really didnt know if I liked the outcome and toyed with the idea of putting them in various positions, I finally settled with the good old, timless decision making phrase... Fuck it.

I greenstuffed his lioncloth and a cloak in the motion of blowing backwards, as if standing against the wind. Unforntunatly in the camera shots you cannot actually see the cloak.
I also greenstuffed a pair of feathers which sit on his shoulderpad.

I grabbed a random chainsword and cut the very tip off and stuck it under his stormbolter to give his bolter a bit more character. I then gave him the deathwing sword.

Also used some slate from the beach, for more free basing ideas check out Ron's post here.

Once I have painted him I will give you angles so you can see the details, but for now a simple close up....

Klaxxon on a rock

For now I will put my terminators aside and finish my Ravenwing and Predator.

"For the Lion!"


sovietspace said...

MMMM, Deathwing....

Thats a very effective Belial conversion, good job mate. Those AoBR kits are great aren't they. I've got all the termis I need right now but if I was ever *INSANE* enough to want more, I'd definitely get AoBR!

Looking forward to seeing these guys painted.

The Inner Geek said...

I like the wings. That said, I have to wonder what it would look like if you ditched the halo and put them on the terminators back facing front to back...

jabberjabber said...

This is a great looking miniature - very nicely posed a based.

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