19 April 2009

Angels of Absolution pt2

A quick update:

Feel the wrath of the lion

Today I finished off my Angels of Absolution.. almost :P
I need to make my plasma cannon, plasma gun and the sarge. These guys are the aobr marines, and I did an earlier post on the construction and painting here. I dont feel strongly about these guys, as I do my Dark Angels... I've found them a challenge to paint, as I cant hide mistakes as easily. I'm almost happy with them at least.

Also, my Tyranids Codex arrived today from waylandgames.co.uk!

My codices and rulebook.

Yes, I will be starting a Tyranid army soon, I also ordered my Tomb of Kings Fantasy Armies book. So my blog will be including the slow and occasional update on those new ventures.

Any good sites anyone know for information on Tomb of Kings?
And what do you think of my Angels?


Draz said...

I actually really like these, they certainly require more skill to paint than normal Dark Angel units, well, colour wise anyway. Personally I prefer these and think you've done a better paint job than the green marines.

I do look forward to your Tyranids, have you decided on your colour? Real men wear pink?

Tomb Kings.. interesting, I saw a guy yesterday at Gatekeepers play Tomb Kings against Chaos horde... it didn't go well, annililated. I think a few of our players play them, so they must be semi decent.


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