22 March 2009

Little Cadets!

I acquired a camera!
Andddd whilst I did it I got my little sister interested in in WH40k.
*rubs hands* Mauahauaha.

So with my newly acquired camera and tutorial games with my sister I took some pics of our kitchen table and the set-up. It was a small battlefield, but the fluff was a a heavy fog clearing and suddenly two space marine armies were ontop of each other, miscommunication with a stench of chaos about it caused the forces to fight.

First game, with easy mode deployment.

The armies were equal and consisted on:
  • Captain
  • 2xTactical Squad with ML and Flamer
  • Dreadnought
  • Landspeeder with MM or HB
  • Predator with Autocannons and Lascannons (one was a razorback as a proxy)
  • Terminator squad
She beat me in the first game!
Second game ... she won.. :O
The last two games I snatched victory back and we ended the weekend in a draw... thats easier to swallow than a loss I guess!

Capture the three barrels/objectives. As you can see one was on the Imperial Pringles tower.

We played a simple tutorial game, then I found out more stuff from my early days. My custom massive bridge, and we used the clover tub with a yogurt pot on as a reactor which was dangerous terrain... and the pringles as a tower which required 6inch's to move up, but it gave you a +2 save once up there.

Capture the bridge
Bridge captured, (this game ended early and was not finished)

We had to base a mission all around the bridge of course!

So I'm back and I have my camera, Ill post up the few things I did including pictures of my simple magnetic predator, and magnetic landspeeder weapons.

Until then...


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