2 March 2009

I was there...

"I was there" he would say afterwards, "I was there the day Farske started warhammer 40k"...

Painting of the above squad completed by a friend.

I'm starting this blog to accompany my journey into the warhammer world. I will post my progress, be it painting, crafting, terrain, models, fan fiction and even games I take part in at my local club. Hopefully it will help other newbies to the world, help myself and allow me to discover new techniques to improve my shabby models.

Whilst I wait for Assault on Black Reach to arrive on my door. I drum my fingers on my desk, read my Horus Heresy books and play Dawn of War 2.

About 4/5 years ago myself and a few friends decided to give WH40k a try. We purchased the 3rd edition books and started our armies. Myself with my Dark Angels, my mates, CSM and Eldar. I rooted around my loft and found out the old dusty box and discovered these guys:

All were base painted with black spray, then dark angels green spray.
One squad (close up of fig.1) was painted by a friend of mine who has been painting models for years. I wished to point this out as we can follow my progress accurately.

I do plan to supplement these guys with the AoBR boxset, which will give me termies, a few more tactical marines a dreadnought and a captain. I will be stripping the paint from my librarian to repaint him the correct smurf (ultramarine blue) colour.

I will be posting nearly daily of my progress...



Boru said...

Needs more pics of naked painted orcs. No grey models please.

Farske said...

I'll be doing an ork warboss soon. I'll be sure to please your ork fetish as I do it. lol.

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