14 March 2009


A long time ago my dad got me a toolbox. It was used at first for stationary as I used to play "work" and pretend it was my briefcase. After that I used it for my warhammer, then I used it for actual tools and now its turned back into warhammer.
Its kinda sentimental and its cheap, while it may not be ideal...

The Modification.

I took the top and placed a large A3 piece of foam over the top, I then cut out the pieces ideal for the squares, see below:

I then placed my marines on top, standing nicely next to one another.

I then got some cardboard... and this is the real botch job... I cut the cardboard out the size of the tray and glued the foam on top of it with two squares cut out. I then took those cut pieces and glued them to the underside of the cardboard to go directly on my standing space marine heads.

I then placed the cardboard slip on top and where the gaps I left were I was able to place my landspeeders, bikes, termies and dread.

I was then able to close the lid nicely and it all sat snug.
My future goal is to put some foam on the lid of the actual toolbox as to allow a bit more padding if something accidental happens or I'm in a rush.
I also have started collecting used chinese takeaway boxes, basically microwavable boxes like:

I added some foam to the bottom and bam, I can fit a squad of marines in that easily.
It works, its simple and I can paint the box anyway I want.

I have no camera again. :~(

I have given the camera back to Tek. Thanks Tek!
I will be writing blogs but alas minus pictures for a while. I will be attempting to source a more permanent camera soon.


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