3 March 2009

AoBR Explored

The Assault on Black Reach boxset is fantastic.
I am sure most of you know this and its old news but the boxset includes...

A tiny A5 no fluff 5th edition rulebook, an A4 starter guide with a brief introduction to the game rules, how to paint figures and various fancy high gloss pictures of the models.
Dice, with a scatter dice and blast templates.

Then for the figures it boasts:

  • Space Marine Captain
  • Tactical Squad
  • Dreadnought
  • Terminator Squad
  • Ork Warboss
  • Nobz Mob
  • Deffkoptas
  • Ork Boyz
If you notice the sprues have been cut and separated as the space marines and orks share the sprues. This is worthy to note if two friends plan to buy a boxset each and trade the units to bolster one anothers armies.

The AoBR set models are constructed in what people refer to as easy mode. Simply snapping models together with the minimal use of glue. I however will be using poly cement (plastic glue) it works in a manner of melting the plastic together to set it as one solid. It can emit fumes so please use it in a well ventilated area.

I will be constructing the dreadnought later, and whilst its immensely easy I will add a few pictures of the process for those wondering what people mean by "snapping" together.
I will clean the model up, removing the flashing (mold lines) with a craft knife and or gentle file depending on the area on the model. Take care when using the knife, one can cut themselves!

Till then...


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