So as I clutch my borrowed camera I cant help but say a few words. This camera owns!
Its faster than mine, has a nicer feel and has its own custom firmware :D

I've taken a few pictures of my dark angels:

21 Tactical Marines - Almost finished, need basing and icons.

Better Quality Picture with white paper as background.

As we can see below, I have a shot of the lot. At the back we see the black based (with some green legs randomly) and one now stripped librarian. To the right of them are "finished" marines. However I have yet to master "flesh".

Badly done heads, I wish I could strip them

I will do a step by step process of my method of panting a dark angel from base coat to highlights very soon. This will serve two purposes:
1) To help newbies
2) For C&C from those experienced painters out there.

Battle report of tutorial game will be up soon.


RonSaikowski said...

Very nice looking, well done.
I like the old school flamer tucked in there.

Farske said...

Thank you.
Looking at them now, I'd recommend to anyone, taking pictures of your own miniatures really highlights errors and blotches of paint.

Yeah I have a couple of the old school flamers from before, hehe.

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