4 March 2009

Camera -.-

So I took my camera along and took pictures of the painting 101 and the 750pt tutorial battle. Alas my camera has decided to pack up on me. I will be taking it into the shop tomorrow as my plans for the next few blogs have ground to a deadly halt.

Upcoming Blogs

  • Basic Painting Steps (Dark Angels)
  • 750pt Battle Report
  • 750pt Battle Tutorial
  • Land Speeder Construction
  • Repainting of Librarian
I am at a stalemate however due to a dead camera.
Updates on this soon.

Update - 5/3/09 - 11am
Camera will cost £60 to repair at least, possibly more adding in hours and postage. This is a 3 year old camera with 5x zoom and 4 mega pixels.
I plan to now buy a new £79 camera which is 5x zoom and 8 mega pixels. I don't need anything fancy, so this will do... next week :(
I will however take apart my dead camera with a hope of repairing anything simple.

Update - 5/3/09 - 11:13am
No thank you sir. In the process of taking it apart it gave me a rather painful electric shock!
I'd taken the batterys out, it was the hidden battery for the flash, ffs.
I was told "I could tell you had hurt yourself because you screamed like a girl!"
So now I have a throbbing hand and a wounded dignity.
Thanks Jessops.

Update - 5/3/09 - 12:29pm
Finger still hurts, like a burn.

Update - 5/3/09 - 2:00pm
I will be purchasing a new camera next week.
For Now I shall be using my camera phone which is awful quality, so in light of this I shall be doing simple space marines and base coats only. This will enable me to show you the step by step method of painting I shall do with high resolution pictures.

For now.
Sad Farske.


Drazhammer said...

I love technology, I also hate it too, never works when you want it to. Still we must strive on and do what has to be done. Look forward to seeing the gaming pics, and the DA painting for that matter. It's a shame that I my first game isn't for over a week. Bloody work.


Farske said...


Looking at the comparison of my 1st Dark Angel's to my recently painted Dark Angel I would say its darker, and more true to the "Dark" Angel colour scheme. I would say the Dark Angel in the first blog looks more like a salamander colour scheme


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